Accounting services

Our organization takes care of all the nuances of the company's accounting services, we will free up your time for solving more profound tasks of the company

To create a successful business project, relying only on one's own resources is impossible in 80 percent of cases - to help an entrepreneur, hired professionals, investments are needed.

We offer

  • Accounting, tax and statistical accounting

    • Development of accounting policies for accounting and tax purposes;
    • Organization of primary document circulation and accounting technology;
    • ВKeeping records of fixed assets, investments in non-current assets, production stocks, costs, settlements with suppliers and customers;
    • Calculation and calculation of staff salaries;
    • Maintenance of synthetic and analytical accounting;
    • Maintenance of tax accounting and preparation of tax accounting registers, calculation of taxes and other obligatory payments, reconciliation of calculations in the state tax inspection;
    • The use of the software complex 1C: Accounting;
    • Preparation and submission of accounting and tax reporting, representation of the client's interests in the state tax inspection, the social protection fund of the population;
    • Consultations on current issues of accounting and taxation.
  • Accounting for a foreign office

    • Registration of a foreign representative office
    • Liquidation of a foreign representative office
    • Accounting in a foreign office
    • Registration
    • Documents for registration of representation
    • Documents for liquidation of representation
  • Functions of Chief Accountant

    If you do not need full accounting services, we offer services of the chief accountant on a contractual basis.
    These accountant services are relevant for those managers who need competent management of tax risks and tax planning, as well as the rational organization of the accounting department of the company. We will provide you with professional formation of accounting, tax and management reports.

    What the Chief Accountant does:

    • Controls the legality, correctness and timeliness of the execution of documents;
    • Ensures the correctness of charging tax liabilities;
    • Conducts an economic analysis of the economic and financial activities of your company, identifying intra-farm reserves, eliminating losses and non-production costs;
    • Draws up a balance sheet and summary reports on the incomes and expenses of your company, and also conducts other accounting, tax and statistical reporting;
    • Provides reporting to the relevant authorities in accordance with the established procedure.


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